W12 Group are very proud and take Heath & Safety very seriously through out the whole group

We have had ZERO reportable incidents during our 5-year history as a group #SAFETYALWAYS

W12 recognise our duties under current health and safety legislation and set high standards on any sites that we work on ensuring we meet the requirements of the Construction (Design and Managment) Regulations 2015 and the broader provisions of the Health and Safety At Work, etc Act 1974.


W12 Health and Safety Management are tried and tested in providing a range of traditional, advisory services outside of the Group.

We provide expert health and safety advice to both individuals and businesses. With over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure that you’re always getting the best guidance from the top people in the industry


  • Health and Safety Audits / Assessments – Providing a top-down assessment of safety standards and workplace hazards.
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessments.
  • Fire Emergency Plans.
  • Site Safety Inspections / Audits.
  • Construction Phase Plans.
  • Contractor Approval / Contractor Management.
  • Accident Investigation.
  • Safe Contractor / CHAS / Construction online etc. Applications.
  • Pre-tender / Pre-construction Phase support and advice.
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Legionella Risk Assessments.

This page provides a brief summary of CDM 2015 and the services that we offer to ensure compliance with these regulations.  CDM 2015 identifies a range of key duty holder and collectively requires co-operation and co-ordination to achieve the following:

  • Plan any project sensibly so the risks involved are managed effectively, from start to finish
  • Ensuring the right people are hired for the right job, at the right time
  • Coordinate any projects with the relevant people
  • Document the right information about the risks and how they are being managed
  • Communicate the information effectively to those who need to know
  • Consult and engage with workers about the risks and how they are being managed


W12 are able to offer a range of CDM Advisory and Implementation Services, as detailed below:

  • Client CDM Advisor - Provision of information and advice to ensure that our clients are fully aware of their legal duties under CDM 2015 at the concept stage of a project to enable appropriate compliance throughout the construction phase.
  • Principal Designer / Designer Services - Clients are required under CDM 2015 to appoint a Designer or Principal Designer (where there is likely to be more than one contractor working on the project)  who has control over the pre-construction phase of a project. W12 have the resources to provide the role of Principal Designer for Clients and also Principal Designer ‘Advisor’ services to Designers who may not have the necessary competences or resources to plan, manage and monitor the health and safety aspects of design.
  • Principal Contractor - W12 are an Accredited Principal Contractor and have the in-house expertise and competence to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety in the construction phase of a project. This starts with liaison with the Principal Designer to develop a construction phase plan; appointing, approving and managing sub-contractors and full delivery of the construction phase of a project in line with the requirements of the regulations.
  • Contractor - W12 recognise that compliance with CDM 2015 on smaller jobs is just as important as it I on large scale projects. No matter what size or type of work we undertake we ensure that arrangements are in place to meet the requirements of the regulations.

              To find out more about these services please contact Paul@w12group.co.uk

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