Shane Manogue - Shane Manogue

A qualified Civil Engineer, Shane has 15 years' of experience in the construction industry and has held a variety of positions with increasing responsibility and authority which has enabled him to launch the W12 Group with a wealth of hands on experience. Shane's role is to drive the business forward, solve problems and take overall responsibility for operations.

Laura Jeffery - Laura Jeffery

Laura comes from a banking background and has latterly worked as qualified and licensed financial advisor. As Shane's life partner, Laura has helped this family run business develop and grow from the outset. In addition to her duties as Finance Director, Laura utilises her excellent sales and service skills to head up our Maintenance division.

Susannah Brady - Susannah Brady

With approaching 30 years' experience providing high level support and guidance to SMEs, Susannah's role in W12 is to structure the business and drive forward best practice creating a culture of excellence. In particular Susannah deals with the legal and contractual elements of the business and fulfils an important liaison role between client and operation.