Cater for Healthy workers - Improve safety

The UK has the highest rate of obesity in the developed world - significant health implications

27% of fatal accidents are in the Construction industry with 1/3rd of workers forecast to be over 50 by 2050 - so look after them

High numbers of early retirements from injury and ill health - cost in lost production

Young people are now more health conscious than before - cater to their needs

Social media and advertising promote fitness and healthy living - give them the food to support them

Government set up - 'Responsible Deal Construction Pledge' - so incorporate healthy eating as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility

Canteens are not catering for people wanting to be healthy - so let's change things


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The right fuel

Motor manufacturers spend billions on developing cars, but if you put in the wrong fuel they grind to a halt.

Workers are no different - put in the wrong fuel and they become fatigued, sluggish and have accidents.

Companies can influence what people eat, doing nothing is contributing to 2.2m lost days.

...together we can make a difference

Improve the facilities - improve the mood

Improving the diet - improves the health, reduces stress & fatigue

W12 Catering is about change and not accepting the norm


W12 Maintenance

Building healthy workers

Average worker eats 4,100 calories a day - 1500 calories too many with 71% of workers surveyed thinking they ate unhealthily

Canteens serve fast food - which is not what people want. Nutrition is not a 'nice to have' - it is essential

Healthy diets and fitness improves health and reduce accidents so we use a Rational Steam Cooker, rather than cooking in fat

  • Preserves the vitamins and nutrients significantly
  • Chips not cooked in fat
  • Eggs are poached/scrambled not fried

We offer low sugar drinks and water - plus a range of smoothies instead of sugar drinks, supported by educational leaflets and motivation talks

We employ a specialist nutritionist to design the menus that are high in protein and low in fats, rather than the traditional reverse

We have a qualified head chef to prepare the food and keep the workers on site by catering to demand

Improving Production by over 5%

Through our research, we discovered in Australia a construction company improved their workers diets and the results were:

  • They reduced injuries by over 20%
  • The severity of injuries decreased by 50%
  • Stitches became cuts, cuts became a scratch
  • The net result was less absenteeism, fewer accidents and greater productivity
  • They increased their GP margins by over 5%

Why should the UK be any different?

Companies have a corporate responsibility to care for their workers

By education - W12 will assist

By diet - W12 caters for healthier diets

Healthy workers:

Work more safely with greater longevity

Reduces the strain on the NHS

The W12 model

Our commitment

Affordable meals - everything is below £5 with a homemade menu, made from scratch

Design and fit-out friendly and engaging canteens

Help educate and promote healthy lifestyles and eating

Consistency with each site

Warm & friendly place to hold meetings

W12 Maintenance

Our Quality Standards